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Cleaning a slug
Connie prefers smaller engines like the slug class locomotives. Slugs are switcher engines which can't move fast, but accelerate quickly to their unimpressive top speeds. Despite being humble, Connie loves to polish them and keep them as pretty as the express locomotives they fetch passenger cars for.

Slugs are the largest engines lacking a superheater on the GL&PC, the only ones with roller bearings and tenders. 
Vauge nugget factoids
Adhesive weight
180,000 lbs
Loco total weight
Driver Diameter
51 inches
Boiler Pressure
220 PSI
Top Speed 
25 MPH
Tagged by :iconshaneysqueeboy:

Like him, I did this just to flesh out my characters. 

1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters.
4. Post their names along with their creators' avatars.

So, about Connie

1. Her full name is Constance Jeanine Welker. The name Constance came from being shortenable to Connie, which is from the dependable freight locomotives used by the Great Lakes and Pacific Coast railroad known as "Connies" 5900 Freight engine by Cast-ironDonut13

2. She doesn't like driving long distance passenger trains because the locomotives have parts concealed behind streamlined casing.

3. She has a Wii and plays Super Smash Brothers Project M.

4. She wears diapers at night because her girlfriend sleeps on top of her.

5. If she didn't enjoy driving trains, she'd run an ab/dl nursery.

6. She likes potatoes and ketchup, especially together.

7. She got her red top hat (I would call it iconic but only 80 people have ever known who Connie is.) from Dr. McCullough, (Basically the GL&PC's Sir Topham Hatt who's a snake and genius mechanical engineer).

8. She's half Deutsche/Egyptian (Germany's called the "Republic of Deutschland" by english speakers in her universe)  

:iconbabygirlrachel: Rachel
:icontheliljdude: Joey/trickstarr
:iconnometal: Connie (Yours, not mine)
:iconmegametalairman: Mega
:iconmydlsecretlife: Molly
:iconmitchtab: Tammy or Sarah
:iconadamthepony: Adam the Pony (I guess)
:iconlolice-scarletabdl: Loli
:iconprincesspolly63: Polly. 


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I am planning on using these characters in a steampunk animated series. If you like them, please support me somehow.

I don't do requests(Unless I really like your idea myself), I won't for a while.

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